in spring 2018 I worked on a little group project. It’s a fun party game.
Tension: a fun, exciting and tense game to ruin friendships!

Edgar, the mad scientist, stumbled on a few problems with his new experiments. He really messed up this time. Bombs are about to explode! Play with a friend and work together to disarm all the bombs before time runs out. Gather items, create new ones, and dodge the force field. But this might be more difficult than you’d expect. Edgar and his friends are glued together. Quite the sticky situation!
You’ll have to work together to maneuver through the room, hand each other items and achieve your goals.
Or play 2 vs 2, where you’ll be split up into 2 teams. Every action towards your end goal rewards your team with points. Steal items, stand in the other team’s way and be the first to defuse the bombs! But don’t forget, everyone loses if not all bombs are disarmed in time!

me: rigs, animation, models
Mathias Kimps: models. texture, particles
Jason Dewachter: models, particles

Zino Vanderstappen
Robin Smekens


3Ds max